Osterholz ES/HS History

Opened: 1992
Closed: 1993

The elementary and high schools in Osterholz were combined for the final year of the schools. The school traditions and activities were maintained as much as possible. Some activities had to be discontinued due to the reassignment of families and early graduation. (See the histories of Osterholz Elementary and Osterholz High School for further details about the schools.)

The final high school enrollment was 119 students with thirteen seniors. Six seniors graduated at the end of the first semester. Twenty-five of the thirty-five high school boys came out for the football team and the team completed a full season. The ladies’ volleyball team was able to complete its season. The basketball season was shortened due to a lack of students. In the spring, the only sport was track.

The final administrative team was principal Richard Saddlemire and assistant principal Anton Louvetta. It was the third year at the school for Mr. Saddlemire and the first for Mr. Louvetta.

The high school yearbook, The Blackhawk, was published in two parts: “Memories” and a final supplement titled “Farewell to OHZ.”

The school was closed in June 1993.


Information from the final school yearbooks

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