Oberammergau ES History

Opened: 1953
Closed: 1973

Oberammergau American Elementary School was located near the housing area of Hawkins Barracks. Hawkins Barracks was originally a German base called Hötzendorg Kaserne. The primary mission for Hawkins Barracks was as the U.S. Army School Command, Europe. The school was located outside the compound, and students needed a pass to enter the command. It was a short walk from the compound to the school.

For the 1954-55 school year, there were seventy-one students at the school in grades one through eight. The principal was Frieda C. Schleuter.

According to a student who attended the school from 1955-1957, the school was like a one room school.

All grades one through eight were mixed. The parents of the students were either in the Army Intelligence School focused on the Soviet Union or the Military Police School.

In the winter, students could ski to school.

The U.S. Army School Command became a NATO school in 1973 and the school was closed.


Information from Roger Mason, a student at the school, and the internet

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