N├╝rnberg HS (formerly Erlangen HS) History

Opened: 1946
Closed: 1995

School Colors: Green and White
Mascot: Eagle
Grades: 7–12

Nürnberg High School, originally Erlangen High School, was one of the original six DoDDS high schools in Germany. It began operation in October 1946 as American dependents of high school age in the Nürnberg area began school in a former private residence in Erlangen, Germany. The school opened a year and a half after the Allied forces defeated the German Third Reich. The freshmen met in the dining room, the sophomores in the living room, and the juniors and seniors had classes upstairs in the bedrooms. Approximately seventy students were enrolled. After Thanksgiving of that year, classes were moved into the science building at Erlangen University. The school had a faculty of eight and a teaching principal. Despite the conditions, the students wrote a constitution for their student council, organized student assemblies, and held a number of dances including the junior-senior prom. Eight students graduated that first year in a combined ceremony with Munich High School, held at the Haus der Kunst in Munich.

By January 1947, the students had a weekly mimeograph newspaper and by the end of the year published a mimeograph yearbook. In the spring, some students had the unique experience of attending sessions of the Nürnberg War Trials. In June, students were given a cruise down the Rhine River, an event given to all five of the high schools in Germany. This tradition continued for several years.

In the fall of 1947, the school moved to 19 Tannenstrasse in Furth, Germany, a town approximately 6.5 miles from the Nürnberg main railway station and changed the name to Nürnberg America High School. A former German girls’ school built in 1906, the building had a gymnasium, a larger assembly room, a dining hall, and a combination library/study hall. There was also a large basement. Three-story private homes were requisitioned to serve as dormitories. Other facilities available to the students were the Furth Opera Haus which housed the Teenage Club, an ice skating and swimming facility built by Nazi Germany for the 1936 Olympics, and the Stein Castle requisitioned from the Farber-Castell family. It became the location for the Junior-Senior Prom.

Approximately seventy students grades 9–12 were enrolled in the school. In June of the second year (1948), only four seniors graduated at the Haus der Kunst. During the next three years enrollment was approximately 100 students.

The first dormitory opened in Erlangen. Later the second dormitory opened in Furth. At one point the dormitory housed approximately ninety students. A new wing was added to accommodate sixteen of those students. The students wrote a constitution for the student council, organized student assemblies, and held several dances.

On January 3, 1952, a new school building was opened on 30 Frönmüller Strasse with an adjacent dormitory. By 1995, five new buildings were added to the school campus, including a new gymnasium. During the first decade of its existence, Nürnberg High School had an average enrollment of about 120 students and an average of nineteen student graduates. In the 1956-57 school year, enrollment topped 200 students for the first time (207) and there were twenty-seven graduates. One year later the enrollment had increased to 312 students.

Students participated in a number of clubs and activities. Among these were:

  • Student Council
  • Girls and Boys chorus
  • Mixed Chorus
  • Band
  • Letterman’s Club
  • Dramatics Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Annual
  • Homemaking Club
  • Rifle Club
  • Saturday Radio Program
  • German American Club


School Song

Hail to dear old Nürnberg

Great is her name

Our boys are fighting

To uphold her name

They’re always true and loyal

See her banner waving

High above the rest

Our boys will fight

For, Nürnberg is the best


In June 1995, the last graduating seniors were awarded their diplomas and Nurnberg High School closed 49 years after its opening.

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