Nürnberg ES (formerly Nürnberg ES #1) History

Opened: 1946
Closed: 1994

Nuernberg American Elementary School was one of the original elementary schools in Germany. The school was the first school in the area. The first school was named Nurnberg Dependents High School and Elementary School. The school was located in Fuerth, a city near Nuernberg. The original building where the school was housed was constructed in 1906 as a girls’ high school. It consisted of twelve classrooms and additional rooms for religion, physics, manual work, drawing, and a gymnasium. In 1910 a typing room was added, and the next year a chemistry and physics lab became a projection room for educational films. From May 1940 until November 1945, the school was used as a military hospital. When the Americans gained control of the building in 1945, it remained a military hospital. In April 1947, the Nurnberg-Furth Enclave decided to use the building as a dependents’ school. Until the building was acquired, elementary classes were in a home.

The principal for the elementary school in 1954 was Ada B. Bodner, and there were 950 students in grades one through eight.

The Nuernberg complex consisted of Nuernberg American High School, Nuernberg Elementary School #1, and Johann Kalb Elementary School. The schools were in the Kalb Housing Area of the William O. Darby Kaserne in Fuerth, Germany, approximately fifteen minutes driving time from Nuernberg.

In the early eighties, the Elementary School, which had grades kindergarten through six, offered a full range of programs and specialists and a pre-school handicapped program. The school had six buildings on the campus, and the students were bussed each day from the Nuernberg area. Two other facilities that were located some distance away provided space for additional kindergarten and elementary classrooms. For the 1981-82 school year, there were 1,250 students and fifty-nine teachers at the elementary school.

By the 1987-88 school year, there were 1,550 students in the school. Due to the drawdown of the military in Germany, the school was closed in 1995.

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