Mönchengladbach ES (formerly ES/MS) History

Opened: 1987
Closed: 1995

Moenchengladback Elementary/Middle School was situated in Odenkirchen in a suburb of the city of Moenchengladback. The school was close to the borders with Belgium and Netherlands.

The school was located on the grounds of a textile company and was once used by the company as its administrative building. The school plant and grounds were considered to be pleasant and attractive. When the facilities opened in 1987, they were considered to be relatively modern even though the building was not initially designed as a school. The facility did not have a gymnasium or some of the modern built-in conveniences enjoyed by most modern schools.

When the school opened, there were seventy-one students in grades kindergarten through eight. By the 1989-90 school year there were 105 pupils enrolled.

By the 1993-94 school year, the school only had fifty students in grades kindergarten through six and was now called Moenchengladbach Elementary School. The school was located in two buildings in a compound formerly used by British and American Army personnel. The two-story main building consisted of three classrooms, a music room, computer lab, host nation classroom, talented and gifted classroom, workroom, and teachers’ lounge. The other building was three stories, but only the first floor was used for a combination one/two classroom, physical education, art, supply and the library. Itinerant specialists were assigned to the school one day per week for music, learning development, and art. Physical education was two days a week.

The next year, 1994-95, there were only forty students in the school. The staff consisted of a principal, three classroom teachers, a teacher for talented and gifted, and host nation/media technician, kindergarten and special education aides, and school clerk. Itinerant specialists were assigned to the school three days per month for art, music, physical education, and media. A special needs teacher and speech therapist came once a week, and a school psychologist was available as needed.

The school was closed at the end of the 1994-95 school year.


Information from DoD School Information Guides

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