Memmingen ES History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 1998

Memmingen American Elementary School was located in the city of Memmingen about fifty kilometers south of Ulm. The school was situated on a U. S. Air Force facility adjacent to a German Air Force Base about three kilometers from the Memmingen rail station.

The original school consisted of four relocatable classroom structures, three of which were used for classrooms. The fourth building was a combination learning center and host nation classroom. All classrooms were multigrade with the distribution of students determined by student enrollment. Students in grades seven through twelve attended school in New Ulm a fifty-kilometer trip and, later, attended school in Augsburg. In 1985 a totally new permanent school structure was completed. It consisted of four classrooms, a library, and other ancillary rooms.

For the 1981-82 school year there were thirty-six students in grades K-6 with four teachers. The enrollment was consistently between thirty and forty students.

The school closed in 1998.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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