Mannheim MS History

Opened: 1985
Closed: 2011

Mannheim American Middle School was in the Benjamin Franklin Village, which was part of the Mannheim American Military Community. Mannheim is an industrial city with a metropolitan area.

The middle school, which was constructed in 1985, was a complex of inter-related buildings with twenty-four general purpose classrooms, six science rooms, a gymnasium, multipurpose room, and fully equipped art, home ecology, and industrial arts rooms. Special services were provided by a reading improvement specialist, a speech therapist, learning resource specialist, nurse, and two counselors.

The enrollment for the 1987-88 school year was 750 students in grades six through eight. There were forty-five teachers and specialists. The specialists included a teacher for the talented and gifted and a teacher for severely emotionally disturbed, two learning development teachers, a reading improvement specialist, speech therapist, and a teacher for English Language Learner.

The school was closed in June 2011 when the American military left the Mannheim community.


Information from DoD School Information Guides

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