Ludwigsburg MS History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 1992

Ludwigsburg Middle School was in Ludwigsburg which was a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany. The school was built in 1981. It was a two-story facility with eighteen general classrooms and an extensive grassy area. The school plant included a library, gymnasium, a multi-purpose room, two teachers’ lounges, a speech therapy room, a reading improvement/learning development room, a nurse’s room, a supply room, four science labs, and counselor and administrative offices. The first year the school had an enrollment of approximately 550 pupils in grades five through eight. There was a staff of thirty. About a quarter of the students were bussed to school.

From the beginning, the middle school used elements of the middle school philosophy including an exploratory curriculum for the students.

There were approximately 550 students enrolled in the school for the 1987-88 school year. There was a staff of thirty.

The school was closed in 1992.


Information from DoD School Information Guides and school website

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