Laupheim ES History

Opened: Unknown
Closed: 1991

Laupheim American Elementary School was located on the northern edge of the town of Laupheim which is approximately twenty kilometers from Ulm, Germany. The school was a former German boarding school. It consisted of three inter-connected structures. The older, formerly private residence, housed the school offices, a media center, a small auditorium and ancillary spaces for various specialists. The instructional wing was three-storied and contained six general purpose classrooms in addition to smaller classrooms for learning disabilities specialists, art, music, host nation studies, and an audio-visual room. A connecting wing housed the combined cafeteria/multipurpose room. The entire complex was surrounded by play areas, lawns and groves of trees.

For the 1981-82 school year there were six teachers and 150 students in grades K-6. By the 1987-88 school year there were 250 students enrolled. The enrollment remained stable until the school closed in 1991.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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