Jever ES History

Opened: 1972
Closed: 1984

Jever American Elementary School was opened by Gerry and Marge Schiele in the fall of 1972 with twenty-one students in grades one to eight. Two of the students were the children of the Schieles. Gerry was the teaching principal and Marge was a classroom teacher. Mr. L. Connell became the teaching principal after the Schieles left. They had been at the school for six years. Marge stated, “Jever was our dream school and we learned so much there working with the kids and parents. Eventually all three of our own kids were there with us.” Gerry wrote a book about their Jever experiences.

The school facility was originally used by the British forces until 1972. The building was large and housed ten classrooms, as well as a small gymnasium and an assembly room which was used by the Americans as a cafeteria.

The student enrollment at the school varied from forty to fifty students. All students were bussed to the school and, therefore, remained at the school for lunch.


Information provided by Marg Schiele and DOD School Information Guides

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