Hessisch Oldendorf ES History

Opened: 1976
Closed: 1991

Hessisch Oldendorf American Elementary School was located in Lower Saxony, Germany about fifteen kilometers west of the town of Hameln of Pied Piper fame. In 1981 the school had a staff of fifteen for a student population of 260 in grades kindergarten through eight. Classes were self-contained except for grades six through eight which were departmentalized for math, English, German and science.

By 1987-88 school staff was thirteen and the enrollment had fallen to about 190 students. Two years later the enrollment had fallen to 176 students. That year the staff included a kindergarten teacher, seven elementary teachers, music teacher and principal. Other years staff included a learning disability teacher and host nation teacher.

The elementary school was a one-story structure containing thirteen classrooms and the auxiliary rooms for a teachers’ lounge, administrative office, workroom, supply room, media center and a small kitchen with a stove. The kindergarten area contained a classroom and an activity room with a piano.

The school closed in 1991.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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