Herborn-Seelbach ES History

Opened: 1965
Closed: 1992

Herborn-Seelbach American Elementary School was located in a local German school. The school was located in a town approximately twenty-five miles northwest of Giessen and about an hour and a half from Frankfurt.

Originally, the school shared a modern school building with the local German school. There were three large classrooms for grades three through eight and an Education Resource Center. The science laboratory, music room and gymnasium were shared with the German students. Kindergarten, first and second grades were housed in an annex which was a four bedroom house. A new school was completed In August 1981. The new school contained five classrooms, a kitchen/classroom, a multi-purpose room, office and teachers’ lounge.

The school had students in grades kindergarten through eight with three teachers and a teaching principal assigned to the school. There were less than one hundred students enrolled. The school only had grades K-5 starting in the 1989-90 school year and the number of students dropped to about 55.

The school was closed in 1992.

Information from DOD School Information Guides

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