Hanau MS (combined with HS in 2007) History

Opened: 1989
Closed: 2007

Hanau Middle School was located near the New Argonner Housing Area and was opened for classes in August 1989. The Middle School was collocated with the high school. Students were offered a comprehensive educational program based on the middle school philosophy and organized departmental lines. When the school was opened, there were 760 students in grades six through eight. The first school principal was Robert Sennett.

The school had a media center, computer lab, music room, home economics lab, industrial arts lab, and art room. Grades seven and eight featured an individualized math program, exploratory career program, and access to some high school courses. Specialists included a counselor, a librarian, a nurse, and learning development teachers. For the 1993-94 school year there were twenty-six teachers and two administrators. By the 1994-95 school year, the enrollment had dropped to 415 students. The middle school was combined with the high school for the 2007-08 school year.

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