Dachau ES History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1972

Dachau Elementary School was a one-story school located on the Army post at Dachau, Germany. The school was located on Eastman Barracks which was the former German SS base during WW II. The school had grades kindergarten through six. Students in grades seven through twelve were bussed to the high school at Perlacher Forst in Munich, Germany. The housing area for the post had been a portion of the concentration camp at Dachau where the German military who oversaw the camp lived.

A student at the school remembered that when troops would return from the “field”, the school would be let out. The troops had an M88 armored recovery vehicle called “Snoopy”, and the troops would give the students a ride on it.


Information provided by Paul Davis, a former student at the school

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