Crailsheim ES/JHS History

Opened: 1952
Closed: 1993

Crailsheim American Elementary/Junior High School was located in a comparatively small community equidistant from Stuttgart and Nuremberg. It was a few minutes from the historic town of Rotenberg.

The main plant of the school had sixteen classrooms. By the 1980s six of the classrooms were used for the fully departmentalized junior high school. An annex located approximately a quarter of a mile away, housed two primary classes. The school had a media center but did not have a multi-purpose room. Due to this, the school frequently used the base gymnasium. The school was completely renovated in 1984.

In 1954 the school principal was Mr. Howard H. Gaertner, and the enrollment was 243 students in grades K-8. By the 1955-56 school year, there were nine staff members including the teaching principal, Mr. Gartner, with about 130 students in grades K-8. The next few years the school enrollment ranged from 180 to 200 pupils. The faculty ranged from 18-22 staff members.

In September 1980 two preschool classes were added to the enrollment which was now approximately 250 students with twenty-six staff members. For the 1981-82 school year, there were 300 pupils in grades Preschool-9 with twenty-one teachers. Included on the staff were a speech therapist, two learning development teachers, a compensatory education teacher, a physical education teacher, a counselor, a secretary and a supply clerk.

In 1987 the staff also included an art teacher, a music teacher, a host nation teacher and several educational aides. The enrollment remained steady.

The school was closed in 1993.


Information from DOD School Information Guides

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