B├╝dingen ES History

Opened: 1990
Closed: 2007

Buedingen Elementary School was located outside Armstrong Kaserne. The Kaserne was a subcommunity of Hanau, which was approximately thirty kilometers away. The military base was home to the 25th Chemical Company, 1st Squadron, and 1st Calvary. The medieval town of Buedingen is located in the midst of the Seemenbach Valley about fifty kilometers northeast of Frankfurt/Main. The elementary school served children residing in the housing area. Students brought their lunch from home and lunch was eaten in the NCO Club dining room or in the classrooms.

The school had grades kindergarten through five and had an enrollment of seventy-five students. In the mid-nineties the staff consisted of five classroom teachers, a half-time media specialist, a host nation teacher, and a school management assistant. Itinerant services were provided weekly in the areas of talented and gifted, learning impaired, music, speech, physical education, and guidance and counseling. The itinerant services were provided by Gelnhausen Elementary School. Other services such as English as a second language, art, education prescriptionist, school psychologist, and behavior management specialist were provided by other schools in the surrounding area.

The facility had two administrative offices, one for the principal and one for the school secretary, six classrooms, a teachers’ lounge, and a supply room. Itinerant personnel utilized temporary offices located behind the school.

The school was closed in 2007.


Information from the Dependent Schools School Information Guides

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