Bad Hersfeld ES (originally Hersfeld ES) History

Opened: 1948
Closed: 1994

Bad Hersfeld Elementary School was originally called Hersfeld Elementary School. The school was located in the Hessen district about 140 kilometers northeast of Frankfurt near the East German border.

The principal for the beginning of the 1954-55 school year was Cecilia R. Falk, and there were eighty-five students enrolled in grades kindergarten through eight.

Bad Hersfeld Elementary School had nine permanent classrooms. There was an Education Resource Center and a teachers’ lounge. For the 1987-88 school year, the staff consisted of nine full-time teachers, three local national employees, three teachers’ aides, a half-time learning development specialist, and a principal. Physical education, art, and music specialists were available on an itinerant basis. The school had 200 students in grades kindergarten through six. By 1993-94 the school had half-time teachers for host nations, physical education, and half-time specialists for media and counseling. The school received services once a week for music, art, speech, English as a second language, and Talented and Gifted.

Due to the drawdown of forces in Germany, the school was closed in 1994.

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