Bad Aibling ES/HS (formerly ES) History

Opened: 1981
Closed: 2003

Bad Aibling American Elementary School was located in the flatlands thirty-five miles south of Munich. The school was located on what had been a training center for German pilots prior to and during World War II. The school was located two miles from the base.

Personnel attached to Bad Aibling were approximately 60% civilians working for the Department of Defense and contractors and 40% military. Thirty percent of the students lived off station and were bused to school.

Facilities were adequate for a small school. The main part of the building had three classrooms in one wing and six classrooms in the other wing. Two libraries—one primary and one intermediate—and an audio-visual room were part of the school structure. The school was well-equipped with books and related materials.

There were 115 teachers in grades kindergarten through seven for the 1981 school year with 4.5 teachers. There were 148 students, grades kindergarten through seven, for the 1987-88 school year.

The school was renovated in 1986. The facility now included eleven classrooms, a multipurpose room, computer lab, audio-visual room, and kindergarten with a kitchen/work area. There were 145 students in grades K–7 enrolled for the 1989-90 school year.

In 1989, the school at Berchtesgaden became an annex to Bad Aibling. The teacher at the school provided services to approximately ten students in grades K–7 at the annex. Itinerant services were provided by the specialists at Bad Aibling.

Upper grade students at Bad Aibling attended a weeklong program at the Hinterbrand Lodge Outdoor Education Center. Teachers and high-school-age students had an additional chance to attend a three week “Outward Bound” type summer session.

Classrooms at the school were renovated in 1991. The overall facility now included twenty-five classrooms; multi-purpose room; media center; computer, science, art, and home economics labs; talented and gifted and music rooms; and a kindergarten with a kitchen/work area. There was also a host nation classroom with a part-time teacher providing instruction in the German language and culture.

The enrollment for the K–12 school in the early nineties was 300 students. The school was closed in 2003.


Information from DoDDS School Information Guides and websites

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