Augsburg MS/HS History

Opened: 1955
Closed: 1998

School Colors: Blue/Gray
Nickname: Apaches
Grades: 9–12

Augsburg High School, Augsburg, Germany, opened in 1955. The 7–12 school originated in the Centerville Wing of the elementary school. It opened with 205 students, of which fifteen were seniors. The school became the melting pot for students from neighboring Army and Air Force installations such as Ulm, Leipheim, and Landsberg. Forty percent of the school population came from the Ulm/Leipheim housing area. Students boarded the busses at 5:45 each morning for the commute to the school.

A new school opened in 1956. The school was reconstructed to include grades 9–12. The seniors that year held fundraising activities to pay for their five-day senior class trip to Oberstdorf, Germany, where they skied, skated, and sleighed. Other activities that year included the Christmas Prom, the Ulm Prom, the Teen Club Christmas Party, Leap Year Nite Dance, Yearbook Conference in Frankfurt, Teen Club ski and skating party in Garmisch, and the Music Festival.

Augsburg had a highly active Student Council. In the 1961-62 school year the Student Council sponsored a special Veterans Day Program. Featured guests and speakers at the assembly were General C. H. Bonestreet from Illinois and Senator B. Everett Jordan, North Carolina.

In 1971 grades seven and eight were integrated back into the school even though they still had their classes at the elementary school. Due to the shortage of space, some students had to attend classes in the Quonset Huts located on the old Reese Kaserne. The huts were referred to by students as the “splinter village.”  To alleviate the space issue, new additions were added to the school in 1973 and 1974, followed by the career center in 1974.

The Augsburg school had a special relationship with the German community. On one occasion, thirty students spent a week in a German home with thirty students from Neuses, Germany. There were many other encounters with their German hosts.

As the school grew so did the list of clubs, activities, and sports available to students. The earliest clubs included Russian History and Culture and Bridge. Later, such clubs as the Classical Music Club, Ski Club, and Rhythm and Blues Club were added. In addition to the earlier sports of football, basketball, and cheerleading, sports such as cross country (1970) and girls’ basketball (1974) were added.

School Activities:

  • Annual Miss AHS Pageant
  • Sadie Hawkins Day Dance
  • Joe Nameth’s visit to the school (1978)
  • Week of Madness (1985)

School accomplishment:

In 1996 the school won Blue Ribbon recognition, the highest award for educational excellence provided by the Department of Education.

Augsburg Middle High School closed in 1998.

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