Augsburg ES History

Opened: 1946
Closed: 1998

Augsburg Elementary School was located forty miles northwest of Munich. Augsburg was situated on the famous Romantische Strasse, a scenic route from Füssen to Würzburg. The original school—Augsburg American School—opened in 1946. The school was part of the Munich District. In the district there were seventy-four students among fifteen schools. By the 1953-54 school year, there were 937 elementary students and twenty-six high school students in Augsburg. The principal was Hilda Jones.

The elementary school consisted of a complex of forty-four classrooms and an annex building with ten additional classrooms. The school had grades kindergarten through six. Facilities included a space for administrative and special services, a learning center, an art center, a music room, gymnasium/auditorium, and a teachers’ lounge. A large playground provided adequate space for recess and sports’ activities.

By the late eighties, Augsburg Elementary consisted of three buildings. The pre-school building was fully renovated prior to the 1989-90 school year. The pre-school handicapped program was located in an apartment of a building that was formerly used as a family quarters. Kindergarten and grades two through six were now in the main building. One kindergarten and the first grades were located in the annex.

In the eighties, the enrollment at the school reached 1,500 students. By the 1993-94 school year, there were only 800 students, and by the next year the enrollment was only 560 students.

The school closed at the end of the 1997-98 school year.


Information from DoDDS School Information Guides

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