Aschaffenburg ES/JHS History

Opened: 1948
Closed: 1995

Aschaffenburg schools were located in a town in the northwest corner of Bavaria. The city was the location of several United States Army installations throughout the Cold War. After initially taking over the administration of the ex-Wehrmacht installations, which were then used as displaced persons camps, the American presence in the Aschaffenburg military community began after general renovations in 1948. The first school was opened in 1948 and served students in grades one through eight. The students came from installation sites that were known as Ready Kaserne (previously Artillerie Kaserne), Smith Kaserne (previously LaGarde Kaserne), Graves Kaserne (previously Bois Brulé Kaserne), Fiori Kaserne (previously Pioneer Kaserne), and Jaeger Kaserne (previously Jäger Kaserne). These housed armor, infantry, engineer, maintenance and artillery elements of the U.S. Army 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division and various VII Corps elements including the 9th Engineer Battalion, the 3rd Bn 21st Field Artillery (Honest John), and the 1st Bn 80th Field Artillery (LANCE). Much of the U.S. Army presence in Aschaffenburg ended in 1992 with the ending of the Cold War. The elementary school closed in 1995. The junior high/middle school was already closed. The last buildings, which were primarily used for housing, were handed back to the German government in 2007.

When the school closed, the elementary school was classified as a small school and class sizes were fifteen and below. During the last years, the school had kindergarten through sixth grade. The building looked like an “H”. If you stood in the front of the building there was a courtyard type area with the main glass doors in the middle of the building. The middle bar of the “H” was the main hall which had the library, a couple of small offices/rooms on the back wall, the main office and the teachers’ lounge. The left wing of the “H” consisted of a small post office at the end of the hall by the street side and classrooms all the way down to the other end of the hall. At the end of this hallway was a set of double glass doors that lead to the Aschaffenburg Child Development Center. The other arm of the “H” consisted of classrooms and at the end of the hall was the supply/equipment room. This wing also had the entrance to the junior high which had a gym with wooden floors, bleachers and locker rooms. The junior high school was not used the last years except for specialists and itinerant teachers.

The Kaserne where the school was located also had a small commissary with a deli where teachers could get lunch.


Information from military websites and Kari Bowen-Zilkenat

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