Florennes ES History

Opened: 1985
Closed: 1989

The Florennes American Elementary School was situated in the southeastern part of Belgium, about twenty miles south of Charleroi and ten miles from the border of France. The school was located on the second-largest Belgian Air Force Base in interim facilities consisting of nine elementary classrooms, a school office, supply room, teachers’ lounge, and a smaller class area for instruction of special needs students. For the 1987-88 school year there were sixty pupils in kindergarten through eighth grade. The staffing for the school consisted of a principal, three elementary teachers, a half-day kindergarten teacher, and a secretary/supply clerk. All teachers taught in multi-grade classrooms.

A permanent school facility was completed in 1989 when the school population reached 550 students. The school was closed at the end of the year.


Information from DoDDS School Information Guides

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