Adana Dependent School History

Opened: 1958
Closed: 1967

Adana Dependent School opened when the first dependents arrived at Incirlik Air Base. The school served dependents in grades one through eight. The school started in Quonset huts and trailers across from the Turkish commander’s building. Prior to 1963, there weren’t any formal high school classes. Classes were held in the old base library, which was on the second floor of the old base gym across from the movie theater. In 1965, a Quonset hut was constructed to house the twelve high school students in grades nine and ten. The Quonset hut had two rooms: one for studying and one for taking tests. The twelve students were enrolled in high school correspondence courses from the University of Nebraska. The base hired a proctor to administer the tests for the correspondence courses. Students in grades eleven and twelve attended Karamürsel High School near Istanbul and were dormitory students. During the early years of the school, horse stables were located in the field where the high school was built. Many students had horses and rode them to football games and in parades.


Information from school yearbooks and DoD Dependent Schools Information Guides

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