Çiğli ES History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1970

Çiğli Elementary School was located in the housing area of Çiğli Air Force Base. The air base served as an American Air Base, a Turkish Air Base, and the commercial airport for Izmir until a new airport was constructed. The 1963 Izmir High School yearbook has a picture of Çiğli Elementary School which was a facility constructed as a school. Three of the principals for the 1960’s were Mr. Shaw, Edmund McCaffrey, and Larry Burden. The school enrollment ranged from 300 to 350 students in grades one through six. In the sixties there were twelve classroom teachers and some combination classes to distribute class loads.

The school was closed in 1970 when the American military left the air base.


Information from school yearbooks and DoD Dependent Schools Information Guides

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