Ankara ES (now Ankara ES/HS) History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 1980

Originally, the American dependent elementary students in Ankara went to the Ankara American Education Association school. When the Air Force Dependents Schools took over the education of the dependent American children in 1957, the school was relocated to a renovated building that had originally been a local automobile service garage. The elementary school was located on the first two floors of the three-story building.

The school had grades kindergarten through six except for school year 1971-72 when the fifth and six grades were part of the high school. At one time the elementary school also had an annex referred to as the CB Annex.

The Ankara schools were eventually located on Ankara Air Station, a small USAF installation situated near the village of Balgat almost three miles from the city of Ankara. Both the elementary and high schools were housed in the same modern structure that was built as a school. The elementary wing consisted of thirteen classrooms, a teacher’s lounge, a library, the nurse’s office, several learning abilities classrooms, and administrative offices for both school and sub-regional level.

The elementary school and high school became a combined school in 1980. The new school had grades K–12.


Information from school yearbooks and DoD Dependent Schools Information Guides

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