Subic Naval Station School History

Opened: 1945
Closed: 1955

The Subic Naval Station School was organized in the summer of 1945. There were five elementary teachers including wives of military personnel and local Filipinos. The school board served in an administrative capacity under the Subic Naval Station command. School was conducted in wooden Quonset huts, located on Santa Rita Street. From 1945 to 1960, the original three Quonsets expanded to forty.

The first Station School yearbook was printed in 1949-50 for the entire school: kindergarten through tenth grade. During that year to augment the correspondence courses, a Station doctor gave weekly lectures to the high school students. High school students took evening classes; algebra, geometry, typing, shorthand and Spanish from the US Forces Institute.

During school year 1955-56, the name of the school was changed to George Dewey School for the Navy admiral who defeated the Spanish fleet in 1898.

Information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986

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