Wurtsmith HS History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 1962

In 1957 the high school students from Wurtsmith Memorial School now had their own school. The school consisted of individual wooden buildings and Quonsets. According to a former student, the buildings were in the corner (of the Base) near the jungle. “We were taken by bus to Wurtsmith Main School for meetings and functions. We would be home by 1: 00 pm. Then we could head to the golf club, pool and baseball.”During its second year, the high school was accredited by the North Central Association.

Construction of a new high school was begun in January of 1960. High school students were moved back to the Maned area because of the building construction. The new Wurtsmith High School, which was built to house 7th to 12th graders was opened in the spring of 1961. The $665,000 buildings situated on a ten-hectare site of the former base picnic grounds were designed to accommodate 1000 students. This was the first school at Clark approved for air-conditioning. The school adopted the name “Falcons” to replace “Bombers” as their mascot.

A new school replaced the existing Wagner High School in 1989. The new school was located on the plain below MARS Hill overlooking the golf course. Several buildings connected by covered walkways enclosed an open court.

The school was closed in 1991.

Information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986

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