John Paul Jones School (a.k.a. James V. Forrestal School) History

Opened: 1948
Closed: 1971

The dependents’ school at Sangley Point, US Naval Station opened August 1948 to grades one through seven. The 65 pupils were taught by a faculty of three. As the population grew, the James V. Forrestal School in 1957 acquired two additional buildings to house grades eight through ten. A principal, a librarian, and five new teachers were added for the beginning of the school year. Before this high school students had attended the International School in Manila.

In 1963, the Bureau of the Navy gave authorization for the inclusion of grades 11 and 12 making the schools’ structure complete. The high school classes were moved to the front of the complex separating them from the elementary students who were located at the back of the campus. Before 1965, the school had been renamed for John Paul Jones, an American naval officer who served in the Revolutionary War.

The school was closed in 1971.

Information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986

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