JUSMAG School History

Opened: 1967
Closed: 1972

JUSMAG (Joint US Military Advisory Group) School opened in August of 1967. It was located at the corner of West Avenue and Quezon Boulevard Extension on Heroes’ Hill Compound in Quezon City. There were seventeen students enrolled in grades one to six. Joseph Brooks, assistant principal at Sangley Point, acted as principal one day a week. Ron Warner became the full-time principal the following year and remained with the school until its closing. The majority of students came from Makati and the JUSMAG compound. Others commuted from the greater Manila area. During its five-year existence, the school population grew to over 300 students from kindergarten to eighth grade. The faculty included a few stateside-hire teachers, but the largest number were dependents of military and embassy personnel, former Peace Corps volunteers, and American residents of Manila. During its last year, the staff consisted of one teacher per grade level, a nurse, a counselor, a reading specialist, a speech therapist, and a half-time art teacher. The first school building was an old two-story wooden house. The school expanded to include four other similar houses. In 1972, the facility was closed because of inadequate and unsafe buildings. Most of the students transferred to the International School. The one remaining building was converted to a toy factory. A Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant stands on the former playground.


Information from DoDDS Pacific Region, 1946-1986

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