Wurtsmith Annex School History

Opened: 1964
Closed: 1991

In 1964 the expanding enrollment at Wurtsmith Elementary School brought about by the escalation of the Vietnam War caused a real need for more classrooms. Buildings in the old hospital staging area became Wurtsmith Annex School, housing grades 4-6. The Annex school moved to a new school building that had a gym, music room and science room. This new school was located adjacent to the high school. Grades 4-6 from the Annex school joined students in grades 7 and 8. During the 1967-68 school year, the Annex School housed grades five and six. In the fall of 1969 due to the huge enrollment of students in the Clark schools, almost 8000, kindergarten and special needs students were transferred from Wurtsmith Main to Wurtsmith Annex. Services for all handicapped students were also centralized in this area.

The school was closed in 1991.

Information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986

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