Wurtsmith Main (Elementary) School History

Opened: 1957
Closed: 1991

With the transfer of grades 7 to 12 to a new location, Wurtsmith Memorial School became Wurtsmith Elementary School in 1957 which later became Wurtsmith Main School. In 1959 an elementary curriculum coordinator, two counselors, a music directory, and teachers for remedial reading, Philippine culture, art and P.E. were added to the faculty. Of the 82 teachers, 61 were at Clark for the first time. The student enrollment had grown to 2000 students. Students in grades 4 and then 4-6 had been moved from the school in 1964. For the 1967-68 school year, kindergarten and grades 1-2 attended the school. Kindergarten students attended double sessions due to the lack of space. Students in grade three and four were transferred to the new Hill Elementary School. In the fall of 1969, had the largest enrollment of the Clark Schools with a population of 2400 students. Classes for 1200 kindergarteners and special education were transferred to Wurtsmith Annex. The facilities at Wurtsmith Main school were considered poor and a replacement for the entire school was planned. This school was closed in 1969 and reopened in a new building for the 1972-73 school year,

In 1980, the Clark schools were reorganized. Wurtsmith Elementary school now served students in kindergarten through grade four.

In 1984, a two phased construction of a new school was planned. Phase I, completed in SY 1985-86 and adjacent to the old school, consisted of a multipurpose building with five classrooms, a gymnasium/auditorium, an arts and crafts center, a music center, two ESL learning stations, a remedial math center, two counselors’ offices and a Talented and Gifted classroom. Phase II completed in 1988 provided a totally new school.

The school was closed in 1991.

Information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986 and yearbooks

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