The American Post School, Fort Mills History

Opened: 1918
Closed: 1941

The American Post School at Fort Mills, Corregidor, Philippines was originally for primary and intermediate students. Other students were able to attend the Brent School, a boarding school in nearby Baguio, run by the Episcopal Church.

Later, the Post School had all grades through the second year of high school. Tuition for officer’s children was eight pesos ($4.00), and enlisted personnel paid three pesos for their children to attend the school. Teachers for the school were selected from among the wives of military personnel, both officer and enlisted, who had previous teaching experience. Each teacher taught a combination class with two grades. Education for children above the tenth grade was difficult because it was almost impossible for students in high school to attend the University of the Philippines. It was recommended that children of senior high school age or college age remain in the states to finish their schooling. The school year in the Philippines ran from June 1 to March 31 with the summer vacation being in April and May.

Dependents left Corregidor, Philippines, at the outbreak of WWII in 1941.

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