George Seitz School (aka Naval Overseas Dependent School) History

Opened: 1954
Closed: 1960

George Seitz School had grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. Initially, the school was called the Naval Operations Dependent School. The original school only had grades kindergarten through eight, and high school students had to take correspondence courses or go to boarding schools in Hawaii.

The school was described as a cinderblock building with exterior hallways were the students placed their flip-flops before entering the classroom barefoot.

For the 1962-63 school year, there were 173 high school students including seventeen seniors and 371 students in the elementary school. At the elementary school there were four half-day kindergarten classes, three first grade classes, and two classes at each of the other grade levels. There were fifteen classroom teachers and an administrator. The principal for the elementary grades was Robert Price.

The principal for the high school was Dr. Arthur Judd and there were fifteen teachers. The school published a school yearbook, Ekatak, and a school newspaper, Kwajpodge. Competitive sports for boys included basketball and mountain ball against base teams. There were also intramural sports and the Girls Athletic Association provided sports for girls. The school had an active student council and National Honor Society. Clubs included a Photo Club, Thespians, and a Letterman’s Club. There were also clubs for junior high students, including a junior high student council and math and science club.

For the 1964-65 school year the staff of the school consisted of three administrators, thirty-nine teachers, a counselor, a librarian, a music director, and a reading specialist. The total combined years of experience for the staff was 322 years and the total years of training was 171. The two school level administrators were Mel Scarrow and Richard Stimpson. The school had its first band and choruses for the 1964-65 school year and presented two drama productions. The main sport at the school was baseball. There was a varsity and junior varsity team for boys that played adult teams on base. The younger boys and girls played intramural baseball and softball. The school had many intramural sports programs and participated in the base recreation services.

The school was moved at the end of the 1960 school year and became two schools.

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