Osan MS/HS (formerly Osan HS) History

Opened: 1995

The Osan High School website has the following school history posted:

From the early 1960's, High school students from Osan Air Base and Camp Humphreys traveled by bus to the US Army Yongsan, South Post, to attend Seoul American High School. The students were on the buses three to four hours each day at a cost of approximately $60,000.00 annually. With the increase of accompanied tours for the military and DoD civilian personnel came the growth in the population of school age dependents. The increasing highway hazards and congestion, coupled with the overcrowded conditions at Seoul American High School, prompted Command to identify student options. Several options were considered to include creating a dormitory at Yongsan, commuting by train, or providing military helicopter transportation for 83 students.

On 5 October 1992, Colonel Michael F. Thuss, Assistant Chief of Staff, Engineering, presented a Point Paper to identify problems, issues, and options to reduce the three-hour commute. Out of this paper came the recommendation that the Air Force coordinate with the ROK Ministry of Education to build an American high school at Osan Air Base.

On 16 October 1992, Mr. Ted Lee Moore, Assistant Principal, Osan Elementary Middle School, submitted a request for the construction of Osan American High School.

On 8 January 1993, LTC Antonio P. Nofuente, Deputy Director of Civil Engineering, PacificAir Force, authorized the design and construction of Osan American High School that could be opened for school year 95/96. His recommendation stated, "this is a command interest project ... Go full court press' and let's get it done." The notice to proceed with construction was issued 16 December 1993. The contract amount was 12,689,733 dollars. The site selected meant the relocation of Popeyes, the preschool, and the community football field.

In August 1995, under the leadership of Mr. James Szoka, Principal, and Dr. Suzanne O'Shea, Assistant Principal, Osan American High School enrolled students grades 7-12 from the Osan Air Base and Camp Humphreys military communities.

In August 2009, 7th and 8th graders from the high school along with 6th graders from the elementary school joined to start Osan Middle School.

In August 2017, Osan Middle School and Osan American High School combined to create a 6-12 school with the name, Osan Middle High School.

The school colors are blue and gray, and the mascot is the Cougar. The school currently has grades six through twelve and there are 405 students enrolled for the 2021-22 school year. The administrators are Dr. Wanda Bradley, principal, and Ms. Shenna Anderson, assistant principal.


Information from school website

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