Daegu MS/HS History

Opened: 2017

Daegu Middle High School is located on Camp Walker, Daegu, Korea. This camp was named for Lt. Gen Walton Walker, a highly decorated veteran of World War I and World War II.

In 2017, the grand opening of the brand-new school was held. At the ceremony the principal Altorn Grade stated:

Today we continue the rich tradition that has been Taegu American School, Daegu American School, and now Daegu Middle High School. This school has been in many locations and in many configurations. At one time we were the TAS Tigers. We are now the Warriors and we carry the name with pride, from posthumous Medal of Honor recipient, Charles George. We are developing future warriors to be college and career ready, socially responsible, and to flourish in a global community.

The school is a split level two story, DoDEA 21st Century Middle/High School that encompasses 142,583 square feet. The construction began almost three years prior to the opening.

DMHS provides academic facilities adequate for 525 students in grades six to twelve. The school includes site improvements such as visitor’s and staff parking, bus drop-off with a covered walkway, landscaping, bicycle racks, artificial turf playing field, marquee board, flagpoles, exterior lighting, and utility service connections. Additionally, the school has common areas with multipurpose gathering spaces, a food service dining hall, and a dedicated performance space.

The school colors are green and black, and the mascot is the Warrior.


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