Pusan American School History

Opened: 1960
Closed: 2006

Pusan American opened in 1960 as a small elementary school, adding a high school in 1967. The school was opened so high school students did not have to travel to Seoul for school and reside in dorms. In 2006, the year it closed, the school had about thirty staff, including teachers, clerical, and other employees. In that year, about seventy-one students were from the U.S. military community. The other twenty-four were U.S. citizens whose families worked in the Busan area. They paid tuition, ranging from about $14,640 to $16,830 per year.

Staff and students at Pusan American School entered 2006 knowing that year was also the school’s last, and they aimed to “go out with a bang.”

The school closed after forty-six years because it was located inside the Army’s Camp Hialeah, which the U.S. military vacated and turned over to South Korea in 2007.

Ninety-five students in grades pre-K through 12 attended the school, which was part of the Department of Defense Dependents Schools system.

“There’s a sadness in the closing but there’s also a celebration — to go out with a bang and make the year a very memorable year,” said Principal Keith Henson.

The school mascot was the Panther.


Based on information from DoDDS-Pacific Region 1946-1986 publication and other sources

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