Hakata HS History

Opened: 1971
Closed: 1972

According to the 1972 yearbook, “In June Hakata High School was merely a dream, but the dream became a reality. Now Hakata High School stands for progress, knowledge and acquaintances. During the school year of 1971-72, teacher and students laughed, cried and together, conquered every obstacle. After this school year each of us will go our different directions and Hakata High School will be no more, but the memories of our school will remain. The Yearbook Staff hopes that this Bamboo will help everyone to reminisce about the hardships as well as the good times we all experience at Hakata High School!!”

The principal, Eugene Roberts stated that the year saw the opening of a new school and “a year when the school turned its back on educational tradition and embraced an entirely new flexible and individualized approach to learning.” There were twenty-two faculty members with fourteen students in the senior class.

The school had an active Distributive Education Program that found students engaged in the dispensary, civil engineering, veterinary medicine, business management, law enforcement, food service and dental services. Extracurricular activities included student council, the newspaper, National Honor Society, the A.V. Club. Drama Club, Art Club and the yearbook, Bamboo.

There were intermural sports for girls as well as varsity and J.V. cheerleaders. The boys participated in basketball, wrestling and soccer.

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