Makiminato ES (formerly Machinato ES) History

Opened: 1969
Closed: 1987

Machinato Elementary School was located at Machinato, which was on the northern outskirts of Naha. Its buildings were twenty-four Quonset huts and the first year, 1958, opened for 462 first through sixth graders. A student, Frederica Marshall, recalled that the Safety Patrol wore GI helmets painted bright yellow that made them look like walking mushrooms. For the 1969-70 school year, Machinato received a brand new permanent concrete building designed as a school with sixty-six classrooms and all of the support facilities: auditorium, gymnasium, media center, etc. In 1971-72, the school had students in grades K–6. By the 1975-76 school year, the school served grades K–8.


Information from dissertation by Harold Clifford Brown, 1981

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