Kadena MS History

Opened: 1971

Kadena Middle School was opened for the 1971-72 and was built using relocatable buildings. The school was located across the street from the high school and in 1990 an access bridge was constructed. At a later date, grade six was added. These relocatable units were purchased by the Air Force and were shipped in and assembled on a site that had been prepared the year before. The schools were constructed with cafeterias, administrative offices, restrooms, and libraries. They were also air conditioned with individual classroom compressors located outside each building or unit. These buildings were not designed for the weather on Okinawa. While they did serve to eliminate a critical facilities problem and were very comfortable and functional, the cost of maintenance proved to be almost prohibitive. A new pitch roof was installed on relocatable buildings at Kadena Middle School after one year. Students at the school were in grades five through eight. The current buildings were opened in September 1990. Kadena Middle School was renovated in 2018 to adapt learning space for pods and common areas with collapsible classroom walls to encourage co-teaching. With an average annual attendance of over 700, over 14,000 military and civilian dependents have been KMS Wolverines since opening.


Information from dissertation by Harold Clifford Brown, 1981 and school website

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