Amelia Earhart IS History

Opened: 1980

Amelia Earhart Intermediate School was built by the Japanese government at Kadena Air Base in the summer of 1980. AEIS is located on Kadena Air Base and serves all branches of service and all ranks including non-commissioned officers, officers, and civilians. This school was one of two schools built to replace closing schools. It is a two-story structure that houses thirty-two classrooms, Information Center, art room, host nation room, music room, gymnasium, and computer lab. Built on the site of former Kaden Riding Stables, the two-story elementary school buildings have classrooms clustered around activity centers. This was done so the entire faculty could operate on a team-teaching concept. The school was named by the students and faculty after special elections. The school was named after aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, who was lost over the Pacific Ocean in 1937. Previously, DoDDS schools were named for the site, a war hero, a president, or the military base. This school and its sister school, Bob Hope Elementary School, have their own administration, faculty and students, but they shared the surrounding areas. Students were transferred the first year from a closing school, Pacific Middle, and from overcrowded Kadena Elementary.


Information from the school website and dissertation by Harold Clifford Brown, 1981

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