Hague ES History

Opened: 1967
Closed: 1972

Hague Elementary School opened in 1967 to relieve the pressure on M & K School which was already in double sessions. The school had 300 fourth graders. The facility consisted of seven converted Quonset huts. According to Joan Wicks, “You couldn’t easily find the school; it was behind the PX and the mess hall. I don’t recall if the school has a sign. We had eight or nine teachers.” According to Kathy Walters, the school did not have a sign and was just an old barracks. You could see where the bunks had been by the paint marks on the wall. For school year 1970-71, the school still only had fourth graders.


Information from dissertation by Harold Clifford Brown, 1981; and DoDDS Pacific Region 1946-86

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