Niles C. Kinnick HS (prev. in Yokohama) History

Opened: 1959

According to the 1949 Yo-Hi yearbook, “The Japanese probably never dreamed that when they erected a building on the bluff overlooking the city of Yokohama it would some day house American sons and daughters. Before the occupation the building which we now use housed girls’ Commercial College. In 1946 the Eighth Army, realizing the need for an American High School in Yokohama, took over the college and started a high school with eighteen students and two teachers. Months later in September, 1947, there were 150 students and ten teachers. Last fall (1948) there were 165 students and ten teachers.” The school was accredited for the 1948-49 and had a full curriculum. In June 1948 the first class of twenty-four students was graduated.

Niles C. Kinnick High School was originally Yokohama High School. It was originally an Army school and the name was changed when the school came under Navy supervision in 1959. The high school moved to Yokosuka Navy Base in 1971. It was then housed in a refurbished Marine Corps Barracks. Prior to that, the building was a Japanese Imperial Navy basic training camp.

Nile C. Kinnick High School originally opened in Yokohama in 1946 during the occupation after World War II. The school later moved to Yokosuka Navy Base in 1971 into a renovated Marine Barracks, but kept the Yo-Hi Red Devils mascot to remember their beginnings. The current school was officially named after Nile C. Kinnick in 1990, an outstanding scholar and athlete; he was the winner of the Heisman Trophy and a graduate of the University of Iowa pursuing a law degree. Nile C. Kinnick was killed during a training mission off the USS Lexington in the Caribbean during WWII. Our hope is that our student body emulates his commitment to service, academics and personal growth.

Kinnick High School usually has around 600 students and is about 45 km from Tokyo.

The school colors are red and white and the school mascot is the Yo-Hi Red Devils.

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