Camp Younghans Dependent School History

Opened: 1951
Closed: 1955

According to the 1953-54 yearbook, at the Camp Younghans High School there were only nine students, thus making extra curriculum activities almost impossible. The classes were very small, ranging from one student, smallest class, to four students, largest class. The school had the same subjects as the high school at Sendai. On Monday and Wednesday the girls had Eastern flower arranging, taught by a Japanese lady from a neighboring town. On Tuesday and Thursday, the boys had Judo. Monday, Wednesday and Friday the whole school took Japanese Culture. Whenever things arise that needed consultation by the entire group, the school had a student body meeting. The social life in Camp Younghans was centered mostly around our homes. Most every Friday or Saturday night we gathered at someone’s home for a party after a group movie date for refreshments and dancing.

The high school faculty had three teachers in 1953-54 and the elementary school had three classes, a one-two combination, a three-five combination and a six through eight combination class.

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