Tyre Park (Johnson ES) History

Opened: 1956
Closed: 1973

Tyre Park School was opened in 1956 for grades five through eight. Due to the fact that the school enrollment continued to increase, Tyre Park was the third school (building) at Johnson Air Base. Tyre Park was a twenty-room school building. By 1957-58 Tyre Park’s sole occupants were seventh and eighth graders. In the fall of 1959 grades seven and eight moved back to Tyre Park after a year at the new high school on the base. In the fall of 1960 seventh and eighth grade students from Johnson and Yokota moved into a new junior high school. In 1960 according to the yearbook the school had several activities for the students including a student council, a newspaper staff, safety patrol and clubs for Red Cross and drama. The school also had a chorus at each grade level, band and a violin beginning and advanced groups. There were cheerleaders, flag football for boys and volleyball for girls. In 1961, the school only had grades five and six. As enrollment changed and other schools were built, the grades levels changed but Tyre Park had the oldest students in the elementary school.

Sources: Japan District DOD Dependent Schools History 1946-2009 and school yearbooks

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