Hilltop School (Johnson ES) History

Opened: 1947
Closed: 1973

Hilltop Elementary School was originally Johnson Dependent School. It had the unique distinction of being the first official school on Johnson Air Base. In 1947 it has a staff of thirteen teachers. In the 1959-60 school year there were twelve teachers and five staff personnel serving the 400 students in nursery through the first grade. As the population on the base increased new schools (buildings) were added. By 1960 the bases dependents were divided between the three schools (buildings). Hilltop had grades nursery through first. There were twelve teachers and five additional staff. One principal supervised all three schools (buildings). The two nursery classes and six kindergartens were half day sessions. The seven first grades were full day sessions. In 1961 the nursery students were no longer part of the school and it was just for kindergarten and first grade. It basically retained this configuration until the school closed in 1973.

Sources: Japan District DOD Dependent Schools History 1946-2009 and school yearbooks

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