Camp Drake MS (formerly JHS) History

Opened: 1958
Closed: 1971

(moved to Grant Heights Housing Area and renamed Narimasu)

Camp Drake Middle School, formerly Camp Drake Junior High School, was located at South Camp Drake in Tokyo, Japan. It served the dependents of the 6112th Support Squadron. When the school opened, it enrolled students in grades five through eight. For school year 1965-66 the fifth grade was no longer part of the school.  Only students in grades seven through nine attended the last school year. The enrollment the first year was approximately four hundred students and rose to a high of five hundred ten students. In June 1971, the school closed and moved to Grant Heights Housing Area. In September 1973 the school was opened in a different facility on South Camp Drake. There were four different principals at the school.


Source: Japan District DOD Dependent Schools History 1946-2009

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