Hamadera ES History

Opened: 1950
Closed: 1957

The Hamadera Elementary School was located in Hamadera Park in Osaka. The school opened in 1950. The school originally had grades one through six with seventh and eighth grade added for the 1955-56 school year. The first year there were two first grades, two second grades, a third grade, a fourth grade and a fifth-sixth grade combination class. The enrollment the first year was eighty-eight students. The next school year, the principal taught the second-grade class. Additionally, there was a first grade, a third-fourth combination class and a fifth-sixth combination class. The 1954 yearbook highlights the students visiting a Japanese school, a Japanese home, a Japanese doll festival, and a Japanese Flower Festival. For the 1953-54 school year the school also had a combination seventh and eighth grade class. Other activities for the school year included Halloween activities, Christmas programs, celebrating the Japanese new year, and participation in a campaign for the March of Dimes and Junior Red Cross. Other school activities included a gardening project, a judo club, and dance lessons after school. The enrollment the last two years was 200 and 175 students, respectively. The school was closed in 1957.

Sources: School yearbooks and Japan District Dependent School History, 1946-2009

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