Sollars ES (formerly Misawa ES) History

Opened: 1960

Misawa Elementary School began as part of Misawa Dependents School which opened in 1948. The Dependents School was separated into an elementary school, Misawa Elementary, and a high school, Misawa High School in 1960. In 1962, Misawa Elementary School was renamed Sollars Elementary School.

Sollars Elementary School’s current school building was completed in 1998 and currently serves approximately 850 students in grades PreK-6. Sollars ES has 50 teachers, and Art, Music, PE, and host nation classes. We have a cafeteria, gym, information center, administrative offices, a large play area with basketball courts, a baseball diamond, and a separate playground for kindergarten and Pre-K use.

Sollars Elementary School was dedicated to Lt. Col. John A. Sollars in 1962. Lt. Col. Sollars was a pilot who died in a crash on 19 December 1961 after ejecting from his crippled F-100 Super Sabre. Col. Sollars avoided crashing in a populated area and waited to clear the town before he ejected. In May of 1962 Misawa Elementary School was renamed to honor Colonel John A. Sollars.

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