Kyoto American School History

Opened: 1947
Closed: 1958

Kyoto American High School had grades seven through 12. There was also an elementary school on the base. According to the 1953-54 yearbook, Omoide, there were five teachers and a principal on the staff. That year there were fourteen seniors. The school participated in boys’ basketball and baseball as well as cheerleading for girls. There were several clubs available to students including a flower arranging club.

The 1953- 54 yearbook reported the events when Typhoon Tess hit the area:

“No school today”, was the unanimous cry that echoed and re-echoed through the Kyoto halls Friday, September 25, 1953. In the midst of the confusion our principal, Mr. Mathis, made the urgent announcement that all Otsu and Kyoto pupils were to return to their homes immediately; the others were to report to the auditorium. When all quieted down it was explained that there was danger of a typhoon hitting the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area and all the students living in these respective areas were to remain at school, until further notice. Later, it was revealed that all these students would have to remain at Kyoto for the rest of the day and night. It was with this news that the very kind people of the Botanical Gardens [this was a housing complex] offered to accept the burden and house the students. It was indeed a great relief for parents and faculty to be assured that the pupils would have a home in which to stay overnight. All the students seem to agree that they were made to feel “at home” in the strange houses and wonderful dinners were also served them. In an emergency situation such as it was that Friday, we certainly want to thank these very kind American people for accepting the responsibility and showing their great hospitality to the students of Kyoto American High School.

The school was closed in 1958.

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