Crawford Dependent School History

Opened: 1949
Closed: 1959

Crawford Dependent School in Hokkaido was opened in 1949. The school was located in a two-story building that was built as a school. It was originally an Army school and became an Air Force School in 1955. The school was closed for the 1952-53 and 1953-54 school years. A picture of the school shown in the1956-57edition of the school yearbook, Toki No Omoide, can be found in the AOSHS files. In the 1956-57 school year the school had fifteen faculty members in addition to the principal. The elementary had one class per grade level plus a first-second combination class. The high school, grades 9-12, had three seniors, one junior, nine sophomores and sixteen freshmen. The school newspaper, “Devil’s Diary”, was published for the second time in 1956-57 year. There were seven issues published. That year was the first time the school had a student council and a drama club. The drama club presented a one-act play for the school. Sports at the high school included basketball and a judo club for boys and cheerleaders and majorettes as well as a pep club for girls.

Source: Japan District DOD Dependent Schools History 1946-2009

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